Complications in Orthopaedics: Adult Reconstruction

Complications in Orthopaedics: Adult Reconstruction

Pages: 412

Publisher: Elsevier

Year of Publication: 2022

Author(s) : Paul Maxwell Courtney, Yale Fillingham

Book Description:

One of the hallmarks of a master surgeon is the ability to navigate a wide variety of inevitable difficult situations in surgery, whether errors in judgment, technical mistakes, or unavoidable outcomes. Under the leadership of series editor Dr. Stephen R. Thompson, the Complications in Orthopaedics series provides real-world guidance on recognizing and avoiding errors, as well as how to “course-correct” during surgery. In this volume, Drs. P. Maxwell Courtney, Yale A. Fillingham, and a team of expert surgeons describe the most common errors and complications of adult reconstruction surgery, focusing on the knee and hip and demonstrating practical solutions that are integral to improving patient outcomes.

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