Technology, Equipment & Devices

Healthcare providers have been compelled to look for cutting-edge technologies, tools, and devices as a result of intense competition in the industry. The multi-billion dollar medical device market is expected to grow over the next years. These medical devices are far more effective than medications at diagnosing and treating a wide range of patient ailments. As hospital care costs rise, the medical device industry is being looked to offer low-cost home healthcare equipment. The industry is currently looking for healthcare equipment that non-healthcare professionals can utilize. Medical device equipment and medical equipment makers can take advantage of the demand for modern technology, equipment, and devices to make higher-quality healthcare solutions more affordable.

The Future of Telemedicine

Providing Accessible and Equitable Healthcare for All

Remote healthcare and telemedicine utilize various information technology to provide healthcare services remotely between a patient and provider when both parties are distant

Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Diagnosis

The screening of cancer patients in the clinic encompasses various data modalities including imaging using radiological techniques that include computed tomography CT

How to Maximize Personal Health Records (PHR) Data Utilization: Comprehensive Disease Screening Test Recommendation

Disease screening is the process of identifying highrisk patients with specific diseases from the general population

Technological Revolution in Healthcare – An Overview

Technology advances have had a profound impact on the healthcare business resulting in better patient outcomes higher efficiency and lower prices

Are We Close to a Global Ban on Powdered Medical Gloves?

Gloves are the most common type of Personal Protective Equipment PPE Gloves are considered a barrier protecting both healthcare worker and patient from the transfer of harmful microorganisms Powder has been used as a lubricant in the manufacture of medical gloves in order to facilitate donning and to avoid blocking of the glove Nowadays the more wi...

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and the future of medical things

The Industry I revolution is already redefining how we manufacture things today It sets out the concepts for how companies can achieve faster innovation and increase efficiencies across the value chain But in the world of medical device manufacturing which is burdened with regulatory compliance and is still largely dependent on paperbased processe...

Regulation vs. Innovation

Are we getting it right?

Although prescription drugs comprise a relatively small percentage of overall healthcare expenditures they nonetheless represent the primary pointofcontact between the majority of the population and the healthcare system While per cent of Americans fill a prescription in any given year only per cent typically experience a hospital stay Worldwide...

Medical Equipment Management

Medical equipment plays an important role in healthcare delivery It ranges from small and simple devices such as sphygmomanometer to complex and big devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI machines This ranking is as a result of differences in utilised technologies and intended applications


Unveiling new possibilities in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation AF is a growing epidemic that affects over million people in the Asia Pacific alone This number is only expected to increase reaching as high as million by due to ageing populations and increased incidence of lifestylerelated risk factors such as obesity physical inactivity and hypertension


Reshaping the Future of Health through MedTech Innovation

The COVID pandemic without a doubt is the single most notable event in our recent history It has put healthcare front and centre on the agenda for governments healthcare companies and patients

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