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You’re Guide to the Frontiers of Medical Advancement

“Diving Deep into Healthcare's Hidden Stories of Triumph"

In the world of healthcare where conventional conversations dominate there exists a concealed universe beyond our daily discourse

HealthCare Management

Digital Transformation of Hospitals

Themes, Challenges and Strategic Planning for Success

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change how an organization operates and delivers value to its customers

The Challenge of Clinical Care Coordination

Clinical care coordination is the process of organising and coordinating healthcare and related services for patients particularly those with complex medical conditions

The Financial Toll of In-Patient Falls: A Study on Costs and Prevention

Inpatient falls pose a significant risk to patient safety and impose a substantial financial burden on healthcare institutions

Medical Sciences

Sleep Disorders

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Sleep disorders encompass a spectrum of conditions disrupting typical sleep patterns the consequences of which extend to ones overall health safety productivity and the quality of life in general

Infection Control in Health Care Facilities

Infection prevention and control IPC is a set of evidencebased practices and procedures that when applied consistently

Surgical Speciality

Postoperative Pain Management, Esp. Thoracic Surgery

Choosing the correct setting in pain management suitable to the patient is key to rapid recovery after surgery

Transforming Healthcare with AI

A Cardiac Surgical Perspective

With a technological revolution engulfing the world in all domains the healthcare sector has slowly steadily concretely and compellingly joined the bandwagon

Facilities & Operations

The Future of Quality and Patient Safety in Healthcare

Quality and patient safety have always been paramount in healthcare

Impact on the Workforce with AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has been incorporating itself into healthcare for years

Information Technology

Combating the Global Healthcare Cost Crisis with Artificial Intelligence

Over the course of the past two decades healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP has increased from to nearly in OECD countries


Safer Blood Collection Products and Value-based Care go Hand-in-Hand

A Royal College of Nursing project reported that needlestick accidents occur in the UK every year

Expert Talk

Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) vs. Budget-based ones: A Healthcare Perspective

The crucial advantage of DRGbased systems is very simple Just the medical output counts and is paid regardless of how much efforts had to be made to achieve it

Digital Health

Healthcare Digitization, Innovations & the Roadmap

As a healthcare provider I understand the clinical aspects and the needs of patients

The Role of ML/AI in Healthcare

Machine learning ML is already being used in a variety of ways in the healthcare industry including

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