American Medical Administrators and eClinicalWorks Join Forces to Advance Value-Based Care and Strengthen RCM Solutions

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

American Medical Administrators (AMA) and eClinicalWorks®, the largest provider of cloud-based EHR solutions for ambulatory care, have formed a strategic partnership to transform patient care. This collaboration aims to combine eClinicalWorks' innovative technology with AMA's healthcare expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions.

AMA, a physician-owned organization comprising 100 providers, is committed to empowering independent family medicine practices. With a focus on autonomy and integration of specialty services like advanced imaging and behavioral health, AMA operates in multiple states, including recent expansions into Florida and Kansas. Their goal is to support independent practices nationwide and facilitate their transition to an in-house service model.

By integrating eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions, AMA seeks to enhance access to patient information, improve interoperability, and streamline billing operations crucial for value-based care. This partnership reflects AMA's dedication to physician-driven care and eClinicalWorks' technological advancements.

Highlights the benefits of this collaboration, emphasizing the seamless transition to a value-based care model enabled by eClinicalWorks' intuitive workflows and comprehensive features. The integration of AI-powered tools, such as PRISMA and, promises to further optimize operations and enhance healthcare outcomes for patients.

CEO of eClinicalWorks, underscores the transformative potential of their RCM service, backed by a robust cloud-based EHR system. With a focus on superior quality and exceptional customer service, eClinicalWorks aims to elevate AMA's existing operations and pave the way for future growth in value-based care.

AMA and eClinicalWorks are poised to deliver unmatched solutions that optimize documentation, promote interoperability, and enhance patient engagement. By integrating advanced AI capabilities and leveraging their combined expertise, they aim to redefine healthcare delivery and drive positive outcomes for patients nationwide.



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