Epredia and NovaScan to Collaborate on U.S. Distribution Deal for MarginScan™ Device Detecting Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Epredia, a leader in precision cancer diagnostics and a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (TSE: 6523), and NovaScan, Inc., a company specializing in breakthrough cancer detection technology, have announced a significant partnership.

Have signed a letter of intent for an exclusive U.S. commercial distribution agreement for MarginScan™, a cutting-edge medical device designed to assist physicians in real-time detection of non-melanoma skin cancer. Epredia has enlisted the support of Avantik, a company specializing in assisting diagnostic labs, to ensure the distribution of this innovative device to Mohs surgeons.

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide, with statistics showing that one in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime.

In the United States alone, non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) affect over 3 million individuals annually, and it's estimated that more than 20 percent of Americans will develop NMSC before they turn 70. Traditional surgical procedures for NMSC often involve removing significant healthy tissue around the cancerous area, posing challenges in preserving healthy tissue.

MarginScan™ aims to address this challenge by supporting Mohs surgery procedures, a meticulous technique for skin cancer treatment. Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS) involves iterative excision stages followed by histological assessment until cancer-free margins are achieved.

This method relied solely on intraoperative histological assessment, MarginScan™ introduces an electrical assessment to swiftly confirm cancer-free margins during the procedure. This innovation promises faster excisions, sparing more healthy tissue, and potentially enhancing outcomes for both patients and clinicians.

Under the planned agreement, Epredia will serve as the primary distribution partner for MarginScan™ in the U.S., securing exclusive distribution rights. Alongside distribution, Epredia will lead all marketing and commercial endeavors related to the launch and sale of MarginScan™. Collaborating closely with Avantik, Epredia aims to market and sell the device to Mohs surgeons across the nation.

MarginScan™ will complement Epredia’s portfolio of precision cancer diagnostics products and services, which offer a comprehensive laboratory workflow. This includes slide scanners, cryostats, tissue processors, and consumables like slides and reagents. Additionally, Epredia will supply consumable products essential for using the device, such as the MarginScan™ electrode and proprietary electrolytic gel used during excisions.

Anticipated for a 2025 launch in the U.S., this distribution agreement builds upon the existing partnership between NovaScan and PHC Corporation, another subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation. Emphasizes the company's commitment to evolving alongside customer needs and delivering cutting-edge solutions. NovaScan, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership and the pivotal role MarginScan™ is poised to play in skin cancer detection and treatment.

Underscores their dedication to sourcing top-notch solutions for Mohs clinics, expressing gratitude for being selected as Epredia's partner in this endeavor.

This collaboration signifies a concerted effort to revolutionize skin cancer diagnostics and treatment, promising enhanced patient care and clinical outcomes.




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