First Non-Invasive Liver Cancer Treatment Successfully Performed in Georgia Hospital

Friday, May 03, 2024

Northeast Georgia Medical Center has reached a significant milestone in cancer treatment by completing the first histotripsy procedure in the state of Georgia. A surgeon with Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, the procedure took place on Friday, April 19, at NGMC Gainesville.

Histotripsy, an innovative ultrasound-based technique, offers patients with liver cancer a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgery. Without the need for incisions, histotripsy precisely targets tumors while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

NGMC stands as the first and sole health system in Georgia, and one of just eight hospitals nationwide, to provide this advanced treatment option.

"Performing the inaugural histotripsy procedure at NGMC marks a significant milestone for our team and represents a leap forward for the entire state. It's an honor to lead the charge in advancing cancer care."

Histotripsy promises more efficient procedures and speedier recovery times, making it a promising option for cancer patients. Furthermore, it can be seamlessly integrated with other treatments like chemotherapy.

Patients with liver tumors, whether originating within the liver or spreading from other organs, may benefit from this cutting-edge approach.






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