Getlabs and Inocras Team Up to Enhance Patient Experience in Cancer and Rare Disease Testing

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Getlabs, a major provider of at-home diagnostics collection services, has formed a partnership with Inocras, a leading company specializing in AI-driven whole genome testing for cancer and rare diseases.

Getlabs has redefined the traditional lab experience by enabling patients to conveniently book and undergo sample collections from their homes.

Launch of their whole genome diagnostics products, CancerVision and RareVision, offering a comprehensive understanding of patients' health and diseases, including rare mutations.

Inocras offers comprehensive whole genome sequencing tests, providing patients with valuable genetic insights into cancer and rare diseases.

Through this partnership, Getlabs' at-home lab collection services integrate into Inocras's patient-centric testing process, streamlining the entire journey from test ordering to result delivery.

This collaboration promises to enhance patient experiences with unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Excited about the partnership, emphasizing its role in empowering patients to manage their health journeys without clinic visits. Significant step forward in healthcare, merging the strengths of two industry leaders to redefine accessibility and convenience in whole genome sequencing. As both companies continue to push boundaries, patients can anticipate easier access to advanced genetic testing.



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