MagVenture Partners with Magnus Medical to Introduce SAINT® Neuromodulation System to Market

Thursday, May 02, 2024

MagVenture and Magnus Medical have joined forces to advance therapeutic transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) through their collaboration on the SAINT® neuromodulation system.

This partnership aims to provide rapid and effective relief for major depressive disorder (MDD), particularly in cases where traditional TMS approaches have fallen short.

SAINT therapy offers a non-invasive, FDA-approved solution for treatment-resistant major depression in adults. It involves MRI-guided stimulation target identification and a proprietary protocol condensed into a five-day treatment regimen.

President and CEO of Magnus Medical, highlighted the significance of MagVenture's intermittent theta burst system in powering their innovative SAINT therapy. This collaboration underscores their commitment to advancing neuropsychiatric disorder treatments.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MagVenture, Inc., expressed excitement about supporting SAINT's introduction to the United States. They aim to ensure that customers offering SAINT therapy receive the same level of quality and reliability that MagVenture is known for.

Both companies will showcase the SAINT system at the upcoming Clinical TMS Society annual meeting in London in June, offering attendees an opportunity to experience this groundbreaking depression treatment firsthand.



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