Dayton Children's Initiates Construction of New Behavioral Health Facility


Dayton Children's Announces $25 Million Allocation for New Behavioral Health Facility, Addressing Critical Gap in Children's Mental Health Services


The new building will double the number of behavioral health inpatient beds available at Dayton Children's, addressing the need for increased capacity to serve more patients requiring intensive care.

Specialized program development will be a focus in the new facility, allowing for the expansion of tailored treatment options and interventions to meet the specific needs of children with behavioral health conditions.

By consolidating behavioral health inpatient, outpatient, and crisis services in one location, the new building will improve continuity of care, making it easier for patients to transition between different levels of care and facilitating better communication between care teams.

The facility will feature customized outdoor spaces designed to promote healing and provide therapeutic environments for patients.

Operational efficiencies and improved communication will be achieved through cross-trained staff, the proximity of different services, and increased accessibility.

With the new behavioral health building, Dayton Children's aims to bridge the gap in children's mental health services by expanding inpatient capacity, offering specialized programs, improving continuity of care, creating healing outdoor spaces, and enhancing operational efficiency.

The new building, scheduled to open in spring 2025, will provide Dayton Children's Hospital with several significant advantages.


Name:  Dayton Children's Initiates

Type:    Construction

Year:     2025

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