Dosher Memorial Initiates Phase I Construction of Master Facility Plan in USA


Dosher Memorial Hospital has commenced Phase I construction of its 7-year Master Facility Plan in Southport, USA. 


Phase I construction is expected to span approximately three years and includes various improvements and expansions to the hospital and medical facilities, such as:

  • Expanding the current Central Sterile area, including the installation of a second washer to increase throughput.
  • Adding three (3) provider workspaces at Dosher Medical Plaza on Long Beach Road.
  • Developing two (2) additional provider pods on Oak Island.
  • Expanding the Hospital Lab to 2,409 square feet to improve the waiting area and bench space. Additionally, a blood draw station and patient lavatory will be added.
  • Expanding the Pharmacy to 2,243 square feet.
  • Constructing a new 8,000-square-foot Emergency Department Complex at the intersection of E. 9th and N. Howe Streets.

The new Emergency Department will expand the existing treatment spaces from 10 to 14 and incorporate 6-8 vertical care chairs, aiming to reduce wait times and cater to patients with lower acuity needs. It will also feature its own X-Ray machine, lab draw station, and registration desk. The previous Emergency Department will be repurposed as a medical provider facility.


Name    Dosher Memorial Hospital
Type    New Construction
Year    2026

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