Groundbreaking Investment in Burnaby Hospital for Over $2.4 Billion Comprehensive Expansion of Care


Progress on the Burnaby Hospital redevelopment is advancing, with structural building and concrete pouring now completed.


Phase 1 of the project involves:

  • Construction of a new pavilion.
  • Expansion and renovations of the existing Support Facilities Building.
  • The pavilion will include units for maternity, neonatal intensive care, mental health in-patient, and medical in-patient care.
  • Expected completion date for the new pavilion is 2025.

The Support Facilities Building will undergo expansion and renovations, including:

  • Addition of 10 new or upgraded state-of-the-art operating rooms.
  • Renovations to the emergency department.
  • Introduction of a new energy facility.

The recently approved Phase 2 of the redevelopment includes:

  • Construction of a new 160-bed inpatient tower.
  • Establishment of an integrated cancer centre with:
  • 54 ambulatory care rooms.
  • 31 chemotherapy chairs.
  • Space for five linear accelerators.
  • Room for 2 PET/CT scanners.
  • An oncology pharmacy.
  • Facilities for clinical trials and research.

Upon completion, the entire redevelopment project will provide a total of 399 beds across the campus.

Expected completion date for the new pavilion is 2025.


Name    Burnaby Hospital

Type      Expansion

Year       2025



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