Margaret Mary Health Breaks Ground on Ambitious $115 Million Project for New Hospital Construction


Margaret Mary Health Unveils Initial Phase of Health and Wellness Campus with Proposed New Hospital on Indiana State Property


The first phase of the plan involves the construction of a replacement hospital covering an area of nearly 124,000 square feet.

The new hospital will be strategically located next to the Margaret Mary Physician Center and the Margaret Mary Outpatient and Cancer Center

Advanced technology will be seamlessly integrated to enhance the overall patient experience.

Design principles will prioritize patient confidentiality, improved navigation, and easier access.

The project aims to achieve better operational efficiencies, including expanded surgical capabilities and eco-friendly construction methods.

Through the introduction of the replacement hospital, MMH intends to solidify its leadership in rural healthcare and attract skilled healthcare professionals.

As part of this endeavor, the project will also include the expansion of walking trails and green spaces to encourage community well-being.
The construction is set to begin in spring 2024, and it's projected to take approximately two years to finish


Name: Margaret Mary Health 
Type: Construction 
Year: Construction begins - 2024


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