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Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital Invests US $231 million to expand its campus


Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital has invested US $231 million in the expansion of its campus in Texas, USA.


Besides, medical and surgical beds, universal beds, and a newborn critical care unit will also be added as part of the extension project.

The project will also increase the capacity of the catheterization lab, critical outpatient sections like the emergency room, operating room, endoscopic suites, CT and X-ray capabilities, key auxiliary facilities, and parking space.

The $10 million operating room expansion that is expected to be finished in spring 2023 is one of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land's earlier development projects.

The construction of a new five-story, 135,000-square-foot medical office building with a multi-tenant build-out is also a project that is set to start in early 2023.

Additionally, 150 new jobs will be generated by the expansion.


NameMemorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital
TypeNew Expansion
BudgetUS$231 million
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