OU Health Embarks on $140.6 Million Project to Establish Innovative Children's Behavioral Health Center


Oklahoma Children's Hospital OU Health has commenced the construction of the Children’s Behavioral Health Center, a pioneering facility dedicated to providing top-quality mental and behavioral health treatment and support for the youth in Oklahoma.


The center will offer both inpatient and outpatient services and will be designed with a focus on family participation and healing. It stands as the only facility of its kind within the state, being an integral part of a comprehensive children's hospital and situated adjacent to the Oklahoma Children's Hospital.

The facility will span a total of 172,775 square feet across three stories, with two floors specifically designated for inpatient services. These inpatient floors will accommodate 72 beds, catering to the needs of children and adolescents for short-term stabilization and long-term care.

A unique feature of this center is that parents will have the option to stay in the same room as their child during inpatient care, offering a patient- and family-centered approach not currently available in other Oklahoma facilities.

In addition to inpatient care, the center will provide partial hospitalization services and intensive outpatient services.

The facility will include amenities like a gymnasium and multiple outdoor and garden areas, all designed to enhance the healing process while ensuring the comfort, convenience, and safety of both families and staff.

The establishment of Children's Behavioral Health Center represents a significant commitment to improving pediatric mental and behavioral health care in Oklahoma, addressing a broad spectrum of conditions affecting young patients.

The state of Oklahoma is actively involved in supporting the launch of the Behavioral Health Center, recognizing the importance of addressing the gap in pediatric mental and behavioral health care services.

The Behavioral Health Center is scheduled to be fully operational by December 2026, while the Oklahoma Children's Hospital will open a 10-bed emergency room expansion in February 2024.


Name: Oklahoma Children's Hospital OU Health

Type: Construction

Year: 2026


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