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St.Luke’s Initiates Phase II Construction of Multi-faceted Project in USA


St. Luke's has commenced Phase II construction on a multi-faceted project in USA.


The project encompasses three key components, which are as follows: 

• An 82,000-square-foot vertical extension of St. Luke's Building A for US$58 million. It entails constructing three more levels to house roughly 60 new private cardiac and intensive care unit hospital rooms.

• Renovation of the existing inpatient sections at St. Luke's Hospital, including all-new finishes and the introduction of private rooms.

• Reconstruction of the Northland/Hospital Ramp, which is no longer in use. A state-funded, city-owned parking ramp worth $14 million will be built in its place, with legislative and municipal support. Upon completion next spring, this parking ramp section of the project will provide an additional 323 on-campus parking spaces.

The addition of Building A allows St Luke's to provide cutting-edge equipment, such as new monitors, as well as vital conveniences for patients and employees, such as lifts in every room. Other noteworthy aspects of the Building A project include an increase in ICU beds from 24 to 28, a more efficient layout with three nurse pods per level, and areas developed by care teams.

The project also incorporates several environmentally friendly elements, including: 

• Adherence to LEED standards throughout the construction of Building A and Phase II. 

• Optimization of the hot water loop infrastructure (heating for Building A) by resizing and enlarging the system to support the Phase II extension. 

• Emphasis on utilizing natural light and selecting highly energy-efficient glass for the Phase II design.

Erdman is responsible for the project's design and construction. The construction of the parking ramp is expected to be completed in March 2024, while the new inpatient units are scheduled to open by the end of 2024.


Name    St. Luke's
Type    New Construction
Year    2024

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