SYNLAB reinforces its leading position in Italy's diagnostic services sector through investment in an innovative Healthcare Centre in Florence


SYNLAB, the leading provider of medical diagnostic services and specialty testing in Europe, has committed €8 million to develop a new medical care center within the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence.


The medical care centre will cover approximately 4000m2 and be equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

It will have the capacity to serve up to 200,000 patients annually.

The integration of medical services into the patient journey is a key focus for SYNLAB. The centre will provide access to specialty testing expertise and leverage advanced diagnostic equipment.

It aims to expand SYNLAB's diagnostics and healthcare platform in Florence, contributing to the future of healthcare in Italy. The medical care centre will function as a comprehensive "health hub" offering a wide range of medical services.

Services will include blood collection, routine and specialty testing, as well as advanced diagnostic imaging such as high-field magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans, and mammography.

The centre will prioritize easy accessibility, patient well-being, and environmental sustainability.

The centre also aims to achieve LEED® Platinum certification for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable transportation options, including electrical vehicle charging points and proximity to public transport, will be available.



Type:   Construction

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