UT System Regents Unveil Vision for UT Medical Center at Erwin Center Site


UT System unveils plans for a prestigious academic medical center in UT Austin's medical district, featuring new hospital towers, including The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The projected investment for these pivotal projects is approximately $2.5 billion.


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, recognized as the nation's premier cancer hospital, is embarking on an expansion into Austin.

Simultaneously, UT Austin is constructing a specialized hospital of its own.

This collaborative endeavor, named The University of Texas at Austin Medical Center, represents a substantial healthcare initiative aimed at revolutionizing cancer care, education, and research.

UT MD Anderson's cancer care facility in Austin will be staffed by MD Anderson's skilled physicians, enhancing access to specialized cancer care in Central Texas.

This collaboration will further fortify the partnership between UT Austin and UT MD Anderson, fostering research, medical education, and patient care.

The project's objective is to establish a healthcare infrastructure capable of meeting the escalating demands of Central Texas and serving as one of the most significant initiatives ever undertaken by a university system.

This development will enable families affected by cancer in Central Texas to receive top-notch care in close proximity to their homes.

These new hospitals will replace the current Erwin Center at UT Austin, with plans to commence demolition in the fall of 2024 and initiate construction around 2026.


Name: The University of Texas System

Type: Construction

Year: 2026



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