Avicenna.AI Attains FDA Clearance for Two Groundbreaking Healthcare AI Solutions

Avicenna.AI has achieved a significant milestone with the recent FDA clearance for its CINA-iPE and CINA-ASPECTS products, representing a leap forward in medical imaging AI technology. Leveraging a combination of deep learning and machine learning, these innovative solutions offer automated detection and prioritization of life-threatening conditions within seconds, providing crucial support to clinicians in delivering timely interventions.

CINA-iPE addresses the challenge of incidental pulmonary embolism detection during routine CT scans, a critical concern especially among cancer patients where pulmonary embolism poses a significant mortality risk. The tool's validation on a diverse dataset of CT scans acquired from various scanner models underscores its reliability and effectiveness in identifying lung blood clots that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, CINA-ASPECTS introduces a groundbreaking approach to stroke severity assessment by automatically processing non-contrast CT scans and computing the ASPECT score, a vital metric for quantifying stroke severity. Beyond aiding clinicians in evaluating ASPECT scores, the tool also enhances reproducibility in scoring, mitigating variations that often occur among radiologists.

These FDA clearances underscore Avicenna.AI's commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge AI solutions. With a suite of FDA-cleared tools, including those for detecting intracranial hemorrhage, large vessel occlusion, and aortic dissection, Avicenna.AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing diagnostic imaging, offering clinicians powerful tools to enhance patient care and outcomes.


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