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Bioretec Launches Novel Trauma Screw for Healing Bone Fractures

RemeOs™, a brand-new trauma screw with unique design, has been introduced by Bioretec to treat bone fractures.

The FDA has only approved the screw as the first and only bioresorbable metal implant. Range and indication of the product are in line with an ankle-specific clinical trial.

By making conventional titanium and steel implants superfluous, the RemeOs™ trauma screw promises eliminate the requirement for implant removal surgery. RemeOs™ strengthens the value offer for patients with ankle fractures while assisting orthopaedic clinics in attaining their operational and healthcare objectives.

The RemeOs™ trauma screws are an exciting development in the medical field, introducing a new generation of robust bioresorbable materials for improved surgical results. These screws are based on a patented bioactive and osteopromotive magnesium alloy, a combination of traditional metal implants' surgical methods and the patient-friendly maintenance and advantages of most recent bioresorbable polymer implants.

Removal surgery is not necessary when a fracture is healing and the RemeOs™ trauma screw is present, because the resorption of the screw is replaced by new bone through the body's natural healing process.

RemeOs™ Trauma Screws provide superior results in the treatment of fractures, with clinical studies showing a superior rate of new bone formation compared to other bioresorbable implants or standard metal implants. This is due to the fact that the screws are designed to promote the body's natural healing abilities, without introducing any foreign substances that could potentially interfere with the healing process. By working in tandem with the body, RemeOs™ Trauma Screws are able to efficiently and effectively stimulate the healing process in a safe and natural manner.

The bioresorbable orthopaedic implant RemeOs™ from Bioretec offers significant cost savings and decreased risk of problems compared to other clinically utilized products based on the elimination of redundant removal surgeries alone.

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