Biosense Webster Launches Updated Breakthrough CARTO™ 3 Electro-Anatomical Mapping System

Biosense Webster, a leading player in cardiac arrhythmia treatment as part of Johnson & Johnson MedTech, has launched the latest version of its CARTO™ 3 System. 

CARTO ELEVATE™ and CARTOSOUND™ FAM, aiming to enhance efficiency, reproducibility, and accuracy for electrophysiologists during catheter ablation procedures, particularly for patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) and other arrhythmias.

The CARTO™ 3 System has been instrumental in catheter ablation procedures for over a decade, aiding electrophysiologists in treatment decisions. 

The newest version elevates the mapping and ablation experience through improved signal analysis, substrate characterization, and the integration of ultrasound technology.

CARTOSOUND™ FAM This module represents a significant milestone as Biosense Webster's first use of an FDA-cleared artificial intelligence algorithm in intracardiac ultrasound. It automates the generation of left atrial anatomy before catheter insertion, saving time and ensuring highly accurate mapping.

CARTO ELEVATE™ This module incorporates several enhancements tailored to electrophysiologists' requirements.

Multipolar with the OPTRELL™ Mapping Catheter enhances localization of unipolar signals, reducing far field potentials for a more precise activation map.

Complex signals identification streamlines the identification of critical areas of interest in diagnosing arrhythmias.
Pattern acquisition automatically tracks arrhythmia burden pre- and post-ablation, aiding in informed decision-making.

Enhanced CONFIDENSE™ Module creates optimized maps with higher Smart Index scores, ensuring continuous map improvement.

CARTOSOUND™ FAM Module, utilizing AI for left atrial anatomy reconstruction, streamlining the workflow. 

The CARTO ELEVATE™ Module sets a new standard in electro-anatomical mapping systems, with features like Multipolar mapping making a tangible difference in the electrophysiology lab, enhancing signal focus and precision in treating arrhythmias.




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