Breakthrough Precision-GI™ Tool Discovered for Tumor Biopsy

Precision-GI™ Endoscopic Ultrasound Biopsy Product was developed by Limaca Medical.

Precision-GI is an automated, motorized endoscopic biopsy system that has the potential to improve our biopsy outcomes for gastrointestinal cancers.

Endoscopic biopsy is a highly skilled and specialized treatment. Precision-GI™ may automate and standardize outputs, resulting in reduced fluctuation from one operator to the next.

With the help of an ultrasound imaging endoscope, Precision-GI™ collects tumor tissue from within or next to the gastrointestinal tract. To biopsy the tumor, the device is deployed and operated through an instrument channel in the endoscope.

Submucosal lesions, mediastinal masses, lymph nodes, intraperitoneal masses, and other organs such as the pancreas and liver are all possible locations for gastrointestinal malignancies.

The fine needle biopsy equipment that is now available for tumor biopsies requires manual hand operation. Precision-GI is a fully automated and motorized system. A revolving cutting needle designed for tissue acquisition is included in the device.

Furthermore, the device's quality is higher than that of conventional platforms, which might result in sample tissue fragmentation, insufficient tissue collection, and contamination of the patient's blood.

Precision-GI™ is meant to obtain biopsies for definitive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and other life-threatening GI cancers faster and more painlessly than current devices. Because it is designed to generate much higher quality and quantity of diagnostically relevant biopsy tissue, the automated design will allow for a more efficient and successful diagnosis of GI malignancies.

Precision-GI™ was shown in a feasibility study to be able to extract contiguous intact core tissue samples that were entirely helpful for the definitive diagnosis of pancreatic lesions. Furthermore, the tumor content of the tissue samples collected with the device in the study is high, with little blood and extraneous fluids.

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