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Breakthrough Two-in-one Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography System Discovered

Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporation has introduced FDR Cross, an innovative hybrid c-arm and portable X-ray solution built for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC).

Reducing the need for additional equipment for procedures guided by the image, the FDR cross system is equipped with a hybrid C-Arm that allows doctors to get fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging from one device.

The unique system features -

-In comparison to conventional configurations from C-Arms and separate X-ray machines, the innovative pivoting tube and detector design that can be removed allows for more imaging freedom and efficiency.

-The all-new Fujifilm FDR D-EVO III glass free detector is compatible with 10x12, 14x17, and 17x17-inch dimensions.

-When using a 17x17 inch detector, the imaging area can be up to twice that of a standard C-arm solution.

-Doctors have the option of switching between three different detector sizes to match a variety of tests, procedures, and surgical budgets by exchanging detector holders.

- This ergonomic design can be used for up to eight hours wirelessly, and it weighs more than 150 pounds less than conventional compact C arms.
With this feature, the system can compensate for X-ray tubes from the default detector, enabling wireless X-ray imaging using tables, crosstables, wheelchairs and chest testing stands.

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