Fda Grants Approval To Corneat Everpatch, Groundbreaking Non-degradable Synthetic Tissue Substitute For Ophthalmic Surgery

CorNeat Vision's EverPatch, a synthetic tissue substitute, has received FDA 510(k) clearance. This groundbreaking product is the first non-degradable synthetic tissue-integrating matrix for ophthalmic surgeries. Composed of a non-woven polymer matrix, the EverPatch reinforces the sclera and aids in the physical reconstruction of the ocular surface. It addresses the critical needs of ocular surgeons by providing a sterile and long-lasting solution without the risk of disease transmission associated with donor and processed tissue.

The patch is thinner and easier to handle than processed tissue, and its design allows for accurate positioning and anchoring. Surgeons have provided positive feedback on the product, which is set to launch in leading ophthalmic centers in the US in the third quarter of 2023, followed by nationwide availability. The EverPatch leverages the EverMatrix™ technology, a tissue-integrating material platform initially developed for corneal prosthesis. This biocompatible material holds promise for various applications in soft tissue reinforcement, implant integration, membrane fabrication, and more. CorNeat Vision's FDA clearance represents a significant step towards their goal of improving human health and equality

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