FDA Grants First-of-its-Kind Approval to SurGenTec's® TiLink™ for Chronic SI Joint Pain

SurGenTec, a privately held medical device company specializing in spine and orthopedic technologies, proudly announces the FDA's clearance for their innovative solution, TiLink-P. This groundbreaking implant offers hope to individuals who suffer from chronic sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, providing a minimally-invasive approach to address their discomfort. TiLink-P combines the proven principle of sacroiliac joint compression with a posterior implantation method, giving physicians the means to stabilize the painful area and offering patients a chance for healing.

What makes this technology stand out is its minimally invasive nature, requiring only one small incision and a single integrated implant. This is a significant departure from existing procedures, which involve multiple incisions and large implants. TiLink-P also allows for precise application of bone graft material in and around the implant, potentially enhancing fusion and improving the chances of a successful surgical outcome.

TiLink, as a standalone device, securely transfixes the ilium and sacrum without the need for additional hardware, ensuring precise implant placement for safety and maximum stabilization. Surgeons can expect increased efficiency in promoting patient healing, with the potential to significantly enhance patient outcomes and the overall quality of care. TiLink offers a unique and promising treatment option for those enduring chronic sacroiliac joint pain.


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