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First-Ever U.S. Patent Granted to Inspira™ for Innovative Orbiting Blood Oxygenation Delivery System Breakthrough

Inspira™ Technologies has developed a groundbreaking medical technology aimed at surpassing conventional mechanical ventilators. Their flagship innovation, the INSPIRA™ ART500 device, recently secured the first-ever U.S. Patent approval for its orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system. This system, known as VORTX™, stands out for its ability to oxygenate blood without relying on fiber membranes, which are commonly used in traditional oxygenators but can lead to significant damage to blood cells.

Unlike existing fiber-based oxygenators that subject blood to turbulent flows and friction, causing harm to various blood components, VORTX™ mimics the natural laminar flow found in the body's blood vessels. By eliminating the need for fiber membranes, it aims to reduce issues such as hemolysis, damage to white blood cells, inflammatory responses, immune activation, and blood clotting.

The INSPIRA ART500 device, powered by the VORTX™ system, represents a breakthrough in respiratory care. It is designed to facilitate breathing in awake patients by continuously monitoring their blood parameters in real-time and delivering oxygen directly into the bloodstream as needed. Equipped with the HYLA blood sensor, the device can analyze the patient's blood continuously, enabling prompt detection of changes in their condition and providing healthcare providers with valuable data for decision-making.

In summary, the INSPIRA™ ART500 device, with its innovative orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system and real-time monitoring capabilities, promises to revolutionize respiratory care by offering improved patient outcomes and reducing the risks associated with conventional mechanical ventilators.


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