First-of-its-Kind Vascular Biometric Health Monitor Introduced by CONNEQT

CONNEQT, a subsidiary of CardieX, has developed a groundbreaking medical device called CONNEQT Pulse.

This vascular biometric dual blood pressure monitor is the first of its kind worldwide, capable of measuring both brachial and central blood pressures and analyzing arterial waveforms.

Powered by CardieX's patented SphygmoCor® technology, the CONNEQT Pulse provides valuable insights into heart health that were previously limited to specialized medical settings. With this device, individuals can access key arterial health indicators such as brachial blood pressure (arm blood pressure), central blood pressure (heart blood pressure), augmentation index (an indirect measure of arterial stiffness), and various other clinically relevant digital vascular biomarkers.

What sets the CONNEQT Pulse apart is its ability to offer a comprehensive and precise assessment of vascular health, surpassing traditional brachial home blood pressure monitors. By utilizing pulse wave analysis technologies similar to those used by cardiologists in clinical environments, the Pulse accurately predicts pressure near the aorta.

In addition to measuring central and brachial blood pressures, the CONNEQT Pulse analyzes five essential digital vascular biomarkers: subendocardial viability ratio, heart rate, central pulse pressure, augmentation pressure, and augmentation index. Physicians and clinical researchers can remotely track these advanced indicators, eliminating the need for patients to visit medical facilities. This capability is particularly useful for decentralized clinical trials, as it minimizes the risk of white coat hypertension and allows for home-based monitoring and tracking.

The CONNEQT Pulse is available by prescription for hypertensive patients who require regular monitoring of their heart health. Its user-friendly interface enables individuals to track their blood pressure and other biomarkers regularly, empowering them to take control of their cardiovascular well-being. Measurement data is wirelessly transmitted to the CONNEQT Patient Management Portal, a cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant database, allowing physicians to remotely access patients arterial health indicators.

The Pulse's software is highly customizable, allowing physicians and patients to select the parameters displayed on the device and personalize their screens according to their specific health needs. For example, individuals at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease may prioritize the display of central pulse pressure and the augmentation index, which are crucial indicators affecting brain health. This personalized and comprehensive range of cardiovascular information distinguishes the Pulse as the first home blood pressure monitor to offer such valuable insights tailored to individual users.

The CONNEQT Pulse is expected to be commercially available in the third quarter of this year.

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