Insulet Unveils Innovative Basal-Only Insulin Pod for Type 2 Diabetes

Omnipod GO™, an insulin delivery device for persons with type 2 diabetes aged 18 and older who would normally need daily injections of long-acting insulin, has been introduced by Insulet Corporation.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval for the device. Omnipod GO is a self-contained insulin delivery system designed to provide a continuous supply of rapid-acting insulin for 72 hours. This latest Omnipod product features a tubeless and waterproof* Pod. It offers seven pre-programmed daily rates ranging from 10 to 40 units per day. The device is compatible with U-100 insulins, including NovoLog®, Fiasp®, Humalog®, Admelog®, and Lyumjev®.

The goal of this product is to enable people with type 2 diabetes to initiate their treatment journey earlier by transitioning to Pod therapy, thereby eliminating the need for daily injections. If a patient's insulin requirements increase, requiring both basal and bolus insulin, switching to another Omnipod device is simple.

Throughout the design process, Insulet took into account the requirements of primary care physicians and users. This involves things like prescribing the device, assisting users in getting started, and offering training, and utilizing the equipment properly. Customers can begin using Omnipod GO at their doctor's office and acquire essential supplies through their pharmacy coverage.

Insulet intends to release the Omnipod GO in the United States in 2024. The Pod* itself is waterproof for 60 minutes at a depth of 25 feet.

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