Novel Assay Development Platform for Biomarker Detection by Neuome

TruHeart™, a cutting-edge assay-development tool for the quantifiable detection of biomarkers, was created by Neuome Peptides.

The point-of-care assay can identify acute coronary syndrome and provide quantifiable results in 3-5 minutes because of its machine learning and new, patented algorithms.

It tests for the important indicators Troponins I and T as well as Myoglobin using a finger-prick sample (eventually expanding to D-Dimer and Brain Natriuretic Peptide).

It is moving towards international clinical trials and is in the later phases of R&D. After being submitted to the FDA for clearance, it will be released onto the market.

With the help of this product, patients may be able to conveniently screen early for this potentially fatal condition in the comfort of their own homes, getting quantifiable findings without the need for a laboratory.

As a result, patients are more effectively directed to seek the appropriate medical care; those who already have heart conditions may also frequently check on them at home.

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