Philips Develops World’s First Spectral Detector Angio CT Solution

The Philips Spectral Angio CT suite, created by Royal Philips, is the first spectrum detector angio CT system in the world. It incorporates the company's revolutionary spectral CT imaging technology.

In order to create a completely integrated interventional suite solution, Philips is creating the Spectral Angio CT suite, which combines the company's Spectral CT 7500 system with its image-guided therapy system—the Azurion with FlexArm.

To enable minimally invasive procedures in fields like oncology, stroke care, and trauma treatment, the combination intends to allow doctors quick access to these two imaging modalities in a single room.

With the inclusion of Philips' Spectral CT 7500 system, doctors now only need one scan to get all the spectral data necessary to distinguish and measure various tissues. Better lesion diagnosis, delineation, and quantification are made possible by spectral CT, which results in more accurate planning for interventions and less invasive procedures.

The Spectral CT 7500 provides substantial advantages over traditional CT due to its capacity to enhance tissue characterization.

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