Senzime Launches TetraSensitive a Breakthrough Sensor for Sensitive Skin Neuromuscular Monitoring

Senzime, a renowned provider of algorithm-based patient monitoring solutions, has introduced TetraSensitive, an innovative, disposable electromyography (EMG)-powered sensor tailored for neuromuscular monitoring (NMT) in patients with sensitive skin. This groundbreaking sensor caters to the needs of an expanding demographic, particularly individuals with fragile and sensitive skin undergoing surgical procedures, with a special focus on patients aged 65 and above.

As individuals age, their skin tends to become more susceptible due to the gradual loss of subcutaneous fat, making it prone to damage from traditional adhesive patches commonly used in monitoring. TetraSensitive is a pioneering EMG sensor specifically designed for neuromuscular monitoring in patients with delicate and sensitive skin. It boasts a unique design that incorporates advanced technology, featuring ultrasoft, stretchable materials and flexible silver printing to ensure a natural skin connection and eliminate discomfort.

This sensor offers superior adhesion without sharp edges and features a smart sizing design suitable for a range of patient sizes. TetraSensitive is protected by valid EU and US patents, ensuring its unique design remains safeguarded. It is intended for use with the portable TetraGraph quantitative neuromuscular monitor, providing a comprehensive solution for patient monitoring needs.


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