United Imaging Receives FDA Clearance for Groundbreaking 5T MRI System

United Imaging has achieved a significant milestone with the clearance of its uMR Jupiter 5T MRI system by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

This innovative system represents a remarkable advancement in diagnostic radiology, overcoming the conventional limitations of ultra-high-field imaging.

The uMR Jupiter is the first ultra-high field system cleared for whole body applications, boasting an 8-channel whole-body multi-transmit system, a unique feature in the market at any field strength.

The system's groundbreaking nature, stating that for decades, whole body applications above 3T have been elusive, and this system was targeted to open those doors.

The uMR Jupiter 5T represents a paradigm shift in imaging technology, offering clinicians unparalleled clarity and detail in visualizing anatomical structures. 

Leveraging ultra-high-field magnet strength, it delivers enhanced resolution and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy significantly.

Central to the innovation of the uMR Jupiter 5T is its ability to address key challenges associated with ultra-high-field MRI, including image uniformity and radiofrequency safety, achieved through meticulous engineering and thoughtful design by United Imaging.

The company's commitment to innovation, particularly in achieving broader clinical impact, expressing confidence that the uMR Jupiter's introduction would revolutionize clinical practice globally.





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