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Welcome & Introduction

We are delighted to announce the launch of our inaugural issue of European Hospitals and Healthcare Management magazine which brings us immense joy as a publishing house

HealthCare Management

How Interdisciplinary Medicine helps to Reduce overall Healthcare Costs and How to Implement it

Trends like ageing population on the one hand and rising public debt on the other put pressure on societies to reduce overall healthcare costs all over the world

The Impact of AI, ML, and Robots in European Healthcare Workforce

Artificial intelligence AI machine learning ML internetofthings IoT and robots in healthcare refers to the use of AI technologies such as image analysis natural language processing and predictive analysis to improve access affordability quality and safety

Employee Retention Strategy at Healthcare

Basically employee turnover is not the responsibility of the HR department alone but also the responsibility of the organizations shareholders and senior management who seek to achieve performance excellence

Medical Sciences

The Evolution of Precision Medicine in Cardiology: Novel Biomarkers, Gene Expression Profiling, and Donor Heart Selection

Precision medicine is a new method of preventing and treating disease that considers the individual characteristics of each patient such as their genetics lifestyle environment and medical history


Artificial Intelligence for Brain MRI

Artificial intelligence AI is a broad and evolving field that develops computer systems to simulate human intelligence in areas such as visual perception speech recognition and decisionmaking

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Technological Revolution in Healthcare – An Overview

Technology advances have had a profound impact on the healthcare business resulting in better patient outcomes higher efficiency and lower prices

How to Maximize Personal Health Records (PHR) Data Utilization: Comprehensive Disease Screening Test Recommendation

Disease screening is the process of identifying highrisk patients with specific diseases from the general population

Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Diagnosis

The screening of cancer patients in the clinic encompasses various data modalities including imaging using radiological techniques that include computed tomography CT

The Future of Telemedicine

Providing Accessible and Equitable Healthcare for All

Remote healthcare and telemedicine utilize various information technology to provide healthcare services remotely between a patient and provider when both parties are distant

Information Technology

The Big Data Revolution in Healthcare

The global healthcare sector is facing various challenges fueled by the worldwide demographic trend of aging populations

Expert Talk

Digital Healthcare

I am a radiology physicianscientist with engineering training and practice experience at multiple hospitals across the United States