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May 2024

LSU Health New Orleans Reveals Innovative Non-Addictive, Non-Toxic Pain Relief Formula

LSU Health New Orleans has unveiled a significant advancement in pain management with the introduction of a new nonopioid treatment option for acute chronic and neuropathic pain as well as migraine headachesBoyd Professor and Director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence


May 2024

Salvo Health and Pinnacle GI Partners Join Forces to Innovate Comprehensive GI Patient Care

Salvo Health and Pinnacle GI Partners have come together in a significant partnership to enhance patient care offerings in Michigans Lansing and Detroit regions This collaboration aims


May 2024

"Dexcom Introduces Revolutionary Sensor Alongside Startling Insights on Anxiety and Depression in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

DexComa leader in realtime continuous glucose monitoring for individuals with diabetes has introduced Dexcom ONE a new CGM device aimed at facilitating realtime glucose tracking to enhance diabetes management Concurrently Dexcom has unveiled the Dexcom State


May 2024

NADclinic and Bontac Bio-Engineering, Ltd Form Partnership to Pioneer Global Health Advancements with NAD+

NADclinic Group and Bontac BioEngineering have established a strategic partnership to advance global health and wellnessBy combining their expertise in coenzymes and NAD research


May 2024

Hoya Group, PENTAX of America, and MAGENTIQ EYE to Establish Distribution Collaboration for U.S. Market

HOYA Groups subsidiary PENTAX of America and MAGENTIQEYEan AI medical device firm have announced their intention to collaborate in the realm of AI in Gastroenterology Pending field trials and customer demonstrations over the coming months

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Nature Medicine Highlights Significant Improvement in Hand and Arm Function After Spinal Cord Injury with Use of ONWARD® ARC-EX® Therapy

ONWARD Medical NV the medical technology company creating innovative spinal cord stimulation therapies to restore movement function and independence

Trinity Biotech Announces Strategic Collaboration with Medical Artificial Intelligence Company PulseAI

Trinity Biotech plc a commercial stage biotechnology company focused on human diagnostics and diabetes management solutions including wearable biosensors today announced a strategic collaboration with medical artificial intelligence

Adagio Medical Announces First European Commercial Procedures and Commencement of U.S. FDA Pivotal IDE for Ventricular Tachycardia Cryoablation System

Adagio Medicala leading innovator in catheter ablation technologies for ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation today announced the completion

Ezra Partners with Princeton Radiology for Proactive, Whole-Body MRI Screenings to Support Earlier Cancer Detection

Ezra the healthcare AI startup transforming early cancer detection through full body MRI screening today announced a new partnership with Princeton Radiology Associates based in Princeton

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May 2024

Healthcare Innovation & Transformation

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, CA USA

20 - 21

May 2024

Healthcare Patient Experience & Engagement Summit

Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, CA USA

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May 2024

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May 2024

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May 2024

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May 2024

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May 2024
Harvard Medical School - Leadership in Medicine Southeast Asia
47th IHF World Hospital Congress
Healthcare Innovation & Transformation Summit
Healthcare CNO Summit
Healthcare CMO Summit
The Healthcare Patient Experience & Engagement Summit 2024




  • Surgical Speciality

    Surgical Skills Simulation

    To give patients the best possible care healthcare providers need to combine the three Ss These are the best Systems the best Science and the best Skills The outline of this is seen in figure Best Science incorporates concepts such as evidencebased care the use of rand...

  • Facilities & Operations

    Surgical Safety in Operation Theatres

    Surgical care is a fundamental part of healthcare around the globe Ensuring surgical safety in operation theatres is the need of the hour A safe and salubrious operating theatre is achieved only through careful planning maintenance and periodic checks as well as proper ongoing training for staff An operating theatre is...

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    Digital Healthcare

    I am a radiology physicianscientist with engineering training and practice experience at multiple hospitals across the United States